Fast Facts: New Hourly Deck and Rental Car Facility

Construction of the Airport’s new Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility began in November 2011.
  • The new Hourly Deck will replace the East and West Hourly Parking Decks located in front of the terminal building.
  • Replacing the existing parking decks is necessary in order to expand Ticketing, Baggage Claim areas and the Airport’s curbside as well.
  • Once complete, the deck will contain seven levels and 7,000 parking spaces.
  • The top four floors will house 4,000 public parking spaces.
  • The bottom three floors of the deck will include a rental car return facility with 3,000 rental car spaces, check-in counters and a service area to wash and refuel vehicles.
  • Once open, passengers will pick-up and drop-off their rental vehicles inside the deck, eliminating shuttles to and from Rental Car Road.
  • Construction began November 2011, and completion is scheduled for November 2014.
  • Demolition of the West Hourly parking deck began in January.
  • The demolition and removal of the current East Hourly deck began when it closed on Friday, March 1.

Source of Funding  Amount  
2011 General Airport Revenue Bonds (GARBS) $65,000,000(Hourly Parking Deck) 
Consolidated Facility Charge Bonds (CFC)$55,000,000(Consolidated Rental Car Facility)
$120,000,000Total cost

An artistic rendering of the new Hourly Deck and Rental Car Facility that's currently under construction. An aerial shot of the construction site before the demolition of the West Hourly parking deck.

Pictured: The new Hourly Deck and Rental Car Facility and the demolition of the West Hourly parking deck. (To see high quality image, right click and select the option to view in a new tab or to view image.)

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Archer Western Contractors, Ltd. is the general contractor.