Art Installations - Terminal

Béatrice Coron

Béatrice Coron - Countryscape


Location: Ticket Lobby

Description: The main concept is to display the different facets of North Carolina with Charlotte skyline, the mountains and seascape sceneries, and trees referencing the many historical roots of the region. A detail viewing reveals among others: the pottery of the Catawba Indians, the Mecklenburg Declaration and Queen Charlotte herself waving under the tree. From sports to fine dining to museums, all the exciting happenings of Charlotte are depicted in windows of the skyline as well as in the trees.

Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.

Béatrice Coron - Seascape
Béatrice Coron - Cityscape
Béatrice Coron - Tree2
Béatrice Coron - Tree