Art Installations - Terminal

Carolina in the Morning

Subterranean Walkway and Terazzo 2-6-24 (2 of 5)

Carolina in the Morning

Artist: Scott Parsons

Location: East Tunnel (Valet Parking)

Scott Parsons created a series of terrazzo sculptures that are reflexive of ‘visual songs’,musical maps for the heart. These designs extend a warm, welcoming gesture to each visitor to Charlotte and North Carolina through a rich visual tapestry which interweaves themes of music, flight, regional flora & fauna, and a sense of joy, wonder, and whimsy. Inspired by the song standard “Carolina Morning”. Here, the lyrics play out in music notes that depict the song, while suggesting other lyrical flights through the series of flowers, a bluebird, and a kayak that resembles the rhythmic flow of forms, referencing any of the 23 river basins in North Carolina. The artist hopes that the richness of the region’s history, to suggest organic beauty and rhythm, is seen using bright hues of color and repeating shapes to celebrate the cultures and lush canopy of North Carolina. Enjoy the bright, sunny morning.

Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.