Art Installations - Terminal




Artist: Refik Anadol

Location: A Connector and Gates A21 and A22

Artist Statement: Interconnected: Data Paintings and Sculptures explores these stories and brings them to life for this unique audience, creating a mirror for our own experience and a window into the world around us. I am especially inspired by the intersection of two layers of motion: the “macro” motion that connects Charlotte Douglas International Airport to the rest of the world, and the “micro” motion of people, baggage, and information within the airport itself. Each of these layers is a story told in data but is invisible to the travelers who are immersed in it. This artwork seeks to make those layers visible, revealing the many ways in which we are all Interconnected. Dimensions 2,147 sq ft LED Media Wall Total.

Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.

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