Art Installations - Terminal


Loops 2400


Artist: Christian Moeller

Location: The Plaza

Description: Kinetic artist Christian Moeller created a three-dimensional abstract line drawing materialized in metal and suspended from the ceiling of The Plaza at the juncture of CLT Airport’s Concourses D & E. The artwork—titled Loops—is inspired by the white vapor contrails created by aircraft holding patterns in the skies above airports around the world. Loops consists of two gigantic floating “chandeliers” animated by a slow and steady rate of rotation and driven by electric motors mechanically integrated into the artwork’s support structure. The sculptures are made of approximately 200’ linear feet of 5” diameter aluminum tubing coated with automotive paint in a sunny dual-tone finish. Each piece weighs an estimated 600 lbs. and occupies a spherical volume of approximately 27’ x 27’ x 27’.

Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.