Services & Amenities

Mother's Rooms

There are four Mother’s Room locations at CLT. Each location was created to provide a peaceful space for nursing mothers who wish to nurse or pump in a private setting. The Rooms are open to all nursing mothers at CLT.

One is located on the upper level of the Atrium across from the Airport Chapel (directly above Cinnabon). The upper level is accessible via stairways in the Atrium or elevators located near the restrooms on Concourse A and Concourse D.

The second Room is located on Concourse A Connector between Gates A1-A13 and A21-A29.

The third Room is located in the restroom corridor near the corner of Concourses D and E, across from Checkpoint E. This Room is adjacent to the Women's Restroom.

The newest Room is located on Concourse E between Gates E32 and E36.

The Mother's Rooms feature private nursing stalls separated by privacy curtains. Each stall is outfitted with cushioned seating and power outlets. All Rooms feature a diaper changing station, sink area and multiple power outlets.

Diaper changing stations are also located in all men's, women's and family restrooms in the terminal.