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Air Service Development

Passenger Airlines – Scheduled Service

CLT ranks among the busiest airports worldwide for arrivals and departures and passenger traffic, according to Airports Council International. Several different airline operating agreements are available if you would like to join our team and begin operating at CLT, including:

In addition to being one of the busiest airports in North America, CLT takes pride in being the least expensive large hub airport in the United States based on airline cost per enplanement and every other financial operating metric. Airline rates and charges for FY 2024 (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024).

Passenger Airlines – Charter Service

CLT accommodates our charter passenger airlines at the CLT terminal building and at our Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Wilson Air Center. In many instances, an Irregular Operations (IROPS) Agreement will need to be submit prior to service. A link for the IROPS agreement is below.

For questions or additional assistance, please contact:

Kaitlyn Price, C.M.
Airline Affairs Manager 980.240.0679

This contact is provided for airline operators and representatives only. For passengers with flight inquiries, please contact your airline as your message will not receive response.

Air Cargo Service

CLT offers a variety of air cargo facilities to meet your company’s needs. A link to our Cargo Operating Agreement is below.

For more information, including details on CLT's current air cargo development strategy, email

Wilson Air Center - CLT

Wilson Air Center operates CLT's Fixed-Base Operation (FBO) through a management agreement. The Wilson Air complex consists of more than 50 acres of facilities and a variety of aircraft storage including heated storage and T-hangars. They also offer ground support services such as parking, fueling, catering, rental cars, military support, freight handling and airline charter services. Wilson Air Center - CLT has been named Professional Pilot Magazine's #1 Best Small U.S. FBO for 13 years and ranked in the Top 20% of FBOs in Aviation International News.

Wilson Air Center
5400 Airport Drive
Charlotte, N.C., 28208

Wilson Air Center Website