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Airport Area Strategic Development Plan (AASDP)

The foundation for the CLT AASDP lies in its strategic economic positioning to embrace target economic sectors and facilitate airport connected development. To ensure that it advances the Aviation Department vision and mission, the CLT AASDP has three primary objectives:

Self-Sustaining: it should generate non-aeronautical revenue that helps fulfill FAA requirements for airport financial self-sufficiency.
Land Re-Use: it should put vacant and underutilized Airport property into productive use.
Compatibility: it should ensure that future development around the Airport is appropriate for an airport environment and does not negatively impact aviation.

Complementary & Compatible Economic Activity
Development Districts
CLT AASDP Molecular Diagram
Project AMP-Airport Area Plan

Charlotte Douglas International Airport officials launched Project AMP in 2015, an economic development plan that was more than 15 years in the making. In the interest of ensuring compatible development in the Airport environment, the Aviation Department assembled the key components necessary to create an economically viable development area that should provide a significant boost to the local economy and change the landscape of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This significant undertaking will take years to develop, but will produce big results once completed. The global initiative has the potential to attract businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, trucking, distribution, research, development and data to the available 6,000 acres of land that surrounds the Airport. This land borders CLT and contains a number of major highways and the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility.

Another key component to future development is the expansion of the Federal Trade Zone (FTZ) to include Airport property. This adjusts existing FTZ boundaries to incorporate the new intermodal facility and adjacent areas, creating a tax relief business zone.

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