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The Credentialing office has relocated to the west underground walkway effective June 7. Watch this wayfinding video to find the office in its new place.

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The Credentialing Office is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday -- 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Wednesday -- 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday -- 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Closed Holidays: New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day/Day After, Christmas Dec. 25-27, 2024, and New Year’s Day.

  • Please, NO walk-ins (send email to
  • Only 15 people allowed in the lobby area at a time
  • Customers must be prepared (application submitted, disqualifier email answered)
  • Meet the identification requirements (No laminated SSN Cards)
  • No testing after 3 p.m. (Wed at noon)
  • Retest days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday


An appointment can be made up to 21 days in advance.


Please make sure you are scheduling the correct appointment type, as to permit adequate time if training is applicable. Booking the incorrect appointment type, no application in portal, wrong IDs (names not matching) or no IDs, Disqualifying Questionnaires (DQ) not answered, incomplete online Non-Movement Driver training (DR) training, etc. could results in your employee to be turn away.

Join the Line Book Your Employee's Credentialing Appointment Here

NOTE: Appointments can be cancelled via the link provided in the email confirmation, by replying "C" through the text message reminders, or by sending an email to All cancellations must be done at least two (2) hours prior to the appointment time.

For Assistance

Immediate revocation or suspension of badges and urgent clearance issues:
Call 704.359.4010 (after hours, Airport Operations 704.359.4012).

  • *Authorized Signers can utilize the AS portal to immediately deactivate badges
  • Deactivated badges must be returned to within 48-hrs utilizing*

During normal office hours

General inquiries related to paperwork or ID requirements please email

If necessary, contact us via phone at 704.359.4010 and choose the appropriate option below:

  • Option 1: General Badging Information
  • Option 2: Authorized Signer and Audit Information
  • Option 3: Background Clearance Information
  • Option 4: Parking Inquiries (or email
  • Option 5: Deactivations and urgent clearance issues (after hours, 704.359.4012)

Credentialing Processes

NEW BADGE - New-Hire Employees (non-badge holders)
New Badge Applicants

A New Badge process is for

  • A new employee hired by a company.
  • A returning employee after not being active with the company.
  • An employee who is transferring to a different division within the same company.
  • An employee with an expired badge and/or expired background clearances.

STEP 1 – Before First Visit

  • Authorized Signer (AS) will complete a New Badge Application for a new/returning employee.
  • Employee MUST complete the Disqualifying Questionnaire (DQs) sent via e-mail from “IDMS” BEFORE the appointment.
  • Authorized Signer (AS) must book a correct appointment for the new employee. Example: 1542 and 1546 Book a Fingerprints Appointment, 1544 Book a Training Appointment once background clears (refer to the Appointments section).

STEP 2 – During First Visit

  • 1544s employees skip this step, proceed to Step 3.
  • Appointment is required. Timely arrival is expected.
  • Employee MUST bring two (2) valid government-issued forms of identification, one must be a picture ID. Foreign-born employees must present proof of Working Authorization (refer to I-9 Requirements/ID section of the web page).
  • Employee’s fingerprints and picture will be taken as needed.
  • Following the first visit, the employee will wait to pass background checks.
  • The Authorized Signer (AS) is required to monitor the AS Portal for background status constantly.
  • After both the Criminal History Records Check and Security Threat Assessment have cleared, the AS will be notified via the portal.
  • The employee will have 30 days after their background has cleared to move on to the second visit. If not, the badging process must be restarted.
  • The AS must book another appointment for the employee to receive his/her badge (refer to the Appointments section).

STEP 3 – During Second Visit

  • Appointment is required. Timely arrival is expected.
  • Employee MUST bring two (2) valid government-issued forms of identification; one must be a picture ID. Foreign-born employees must present proof of Working Authorization (refer to I-9 Requirements/ID Section of the web page).
  • A badging “Training Flex Appointment” will be required for employees to complete the SIDA training (Red and Gray badge employees will not require any training).
  • If Driver Training (DR) is requested, the employee must present a valid Driver’s License and complete the DR training before the appointment. (Driver’s License cannot expire <30 days from appointment).
  • Non-Movement Area/Driver training (NMA/DR) must be completed within 60 days of badge issuance when applicable.
  • Red and Gray badge types of employees will need a “Badging/New Badge appointment” to pick up their badges.

NOTE: For more information regarding the acceptable forms of IDs, review the I-9 link

Badge Renewals
  • All employees must have a Badging/Renewal Appointment.
  • Employees must meet identification requirements, have their current badge, and any other documentation needed for endorsements, such as a Customs Seal.
  • Badge Renewals cannot be done more than 30 days in advance.
  • If the Driver Training (DR) endorsement is requested, Driver Training (DR) needs to be completed within 60 days prior to expiration.
  • Authorized Signers (AS) must request the badge for the same company and division.
  • Authorized Signers (AS) must complete a renewal badge application following the ID Requirements tab on our web portal.
  • The 1544s airlines must add the OCN # (fingerprint number) and the submission date to the application.
  • Employee must complete the Disqualifying Questionnaire (DQ) statement prior to appointment.
  • Authorized Signers (AS) must make a “Badging/Renewal Appointment.”
Renewal will be rejected if
  • The employee is late for the appointment.
  • The Disqualifying Questionnaire (DQ) is incomplete.
  • The employee is missing IDs or has the wrong or illegible ID.
  • The employee does not present current Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge or pay a fee for lost or unaccounted for badge(s).
  • If applicable, the Driver Training (DR) has not been completed.

NOTE: For more information regarding the acceptable forms of ID, review the I-9 link

Badge Changes
Badge Change (Quick-Change Requests)

Quick-Change can be requested if:

  • Current badge is not expired, and the employer still requires a badge.
  • Adding or removing a badge endorsement: Escort, Custom Seal, AEOC, or Driver.
  • Employee completes any training requirements as applicable.
  • Authorized Signer (AS) completes the "Quick Change" request on the (AS) Portal.
  • AS provides any relevant notes.
  • The AS must find a “Badging/Quick Change” appointment for the employee to come and complete his/her own badge exchange.
  • Non Movement Area or Driver training (NMA/DR) must be completed within 60 days prior to badge issuance when applicable.
  • We will not accept walk-ins for badge changes.
  • For the Driver Training (DR) endorsement a valid Driver’s License and NMA (DR) online training completion is required prior to submitting the Quick-Change request.
  • When changing from a Sterile Area badge to another type of badge, SIDA Training with a training appointment will be required.
Quick Change cannot be submitted if:
  • It is for a change of company/employer/divisions. A new application would be required)
  • For DR endorsement, the applicant doesn’t have a valid Driver’s License, or the License will expire in the next 30 days.
General Badge Issues - Reactivations - Problems, Access, Lost, Pin and Reactivations

Start with email to

  • Lost badge
  • Damaged badge
  • PIN issues
  • AS training
  • Regulatory Training assistance

Lost Badge, Change in Access, Reactivate Badge


ID Requirements


Background: The purpose of requiring identification documents is to determine identity and authorization to work in the U.S.

  • Majority of Identification requirements are listed on the CBP I-9 form.
  • Request for Driver endorsement (DR) must present a valid drivers license with an expiration date more than 30 days from that date of the badge issuance.
  • We do not accept laminated Social Security cards or Hospital Birth Announcements/Certificates.
  • Employers are responsible for ensuring all minor badge applicants meet applicable state, local and/or federal child labor laws.
  • The names on all IDs presented must match. If the names do not match on both IDs, additional documentation is required. Examples of documents that can be utilized; Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Legal Name Change Document.

Who needs what?

  • We need to verify the identity of the individual through two-forms of government-issued ID; at least one must include a photo.
  • All documents must be original, legible, valid and unexpired.
  • Employees must present two original Government IDs at the time of fingerprinting, and when obtaining a new or renewal badge.
  • CLT or other airport SIDA Badge does not qualify as an acceptable ID.

NOTE: CBP Customs Seal process has the SAME ID requirements as the Badge application process.

U.S Citizens: Follow the I-9; two forms of ID at least one with a photo. Pay attention to the relationship between list A, B and C.

Foreign Born U.S. Citizens: Must present one of the following documents along with a valid state ID or DL:

  • U.S. Passport
  • Naturalization Certificate (N-550, N-570, N-560, N561)
  • U.S. Born Abroad Birth Certificate (DS 1350, FS-545 or FS-240)
  • If no state identification or driver's license, please contact Credentialing Office for alternative options.

Born outside of the U.S. (Non-U.S. Citizens): Must present one of the following documents along w/a valid state ID or DL:

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph
  • Foreign Passport with I-551 stamp
  • Machine Readable I-94
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • If no State ID or DL, please contact Credentialing Office for alternative options.
Applications for a Permit at CLT


CLT Credentialing Office will issue permits for - Solicitation and Literature Distribution and Demonstration/Picketing

  • Permit applications should be submitted 14-days (minimum 3-days) in advance of the scheduled event and will be valid for 14-days.
  • A fee of $6 per permit and $10 for each CLT issued ID. Must be paid by Credit or Debit Card.
  • Permit Applications can be found by visiting the below link. Please ensure you complete the form legibly and completely to avoid any processing delays.

CLT Permit Application

Permit Requirements

Solicitation and Literature Distribution permits

  • Allows two-persons with Airport Issued picture identification at a time in designated areas of airport property in accordance with the issued permit requirements.

Demonstration/Picketing permits

  • Allows up to 10-persons, includes one-person with an Airport issued picture identification at a time in designated areas of airport property and in accordance with the issued permit requirements.

NOTE: CLT Airport reserves the right to rescind or revoke any permit for non-compliance of permit requirements and/or applicable sections of the City of Charlotte Code of Ordnances.

Application: to apply for a Permit, please allow 14 days (minimum three business days)

  • Visit
  • Review NC Code of Ordinances airport charitable solicitation and demonstration control.
  • Print and complete the required application. You can also visit the CLT Airport Credentialing Office to receive a copy of the application and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Once complete, drop the completed Permit application off in the CLT Credentialing Office.
  • Once the application is approved, usually within three business days, CLT Credentialing will contact the applicant(s) to complete regulatory identification requirements.
  • Credentialing will arrange a time for you to sign and obtain your permit and identification.
  • Permits and identification will typically be processed between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Identification: persons issued Airport Identification will complete a Security Threat Assessment (STA)

Security Threat Assessment (STA) Form - (TO BE TURNED IN, IN PERSON)
Once the permit application is approved, please print and fill out the STA form before you arrive at the badging office.

Note: Laminated Social Security cards will not be accepted.

  • Applicants are encouraged to provide their Social Security number to prevent delays and to help ensure completion of the STA prior to their event.
  • Applicants will need to sign and acknowledge Privacy Notice, and receipt of a copy of applicable sections of City of Charlotte Code of Ordnances.
  • At the conclusion of the permitted event(s) all Airport issued Identification must be returned to Credentialing. Additional permits may not be approved if CLT issued identification is not returned.

Questions? Please send an email to

Authorized Signatory Information

What role does an Authorized Signer play in the Credentialing process?

  • The AS is the primary point of contact for all Airport Security matters, including requesting access media and facilitating the background clearance process for their employees.
  • The AS is appointed by their company to request unescorted access for their employees and are attesting to the operational need for such access. If a new applicant/employee is no longer being considered by the employer for unescorted badge access, the AS must communicate this status to the Credentialing office. The application process will be terminated upon the employer’s request.

Which companies are permitted to have authorized signers?

  • Airport Tenants and Air Carriers may designate authorized signers to request Access Media if they have a direct business relationship with or lease space at CLT. All other companies must be sponsored by an Airport Tenant or Air Carrier authorized to request Access Media. (See further information on New Company Onboarding/Company Name Changes tab).
  • Companies that consistently maintain badge accountability and adhere to regulatory requirements are permitted to have authorized signers.

How many authorized signers can a company have?

  • CLT limits the number of AS designations up to four (4) per Airport Tenant or Air Carrier with less than 500 employees. Exceptions are made for those with over 500 employees on a case-by-case basis.

What are the requirements to become an authorized signer?

  • Authorized Signers must have cleared a Criminal History Records Check and a Security Threat Assessment. They must hold a valid badge at CLT and have completed SIDA training. The badge must be with the company for which they intend to sign.
  • Authorized Signers are required to attend training once every 12 months to have portal access and remain authorized. For example, if you take the class on June 21, 2020, you will need to retrain by the same date the following year.
  • The company’s AS must submit a Compliance Agreement & Authorized Signatory Letter to be kept on file.
  • The AS must agree to adhere to all regulatory requirements relevant to the Credentialing process.

Who do I contact to register for the AS training course?

*All Authorized Signer Training sessions will be held via Teams Meeting for the foreseeable future.

Training Sessions run from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Dates for 2024

  • May 21
  • June 6 & 18
  • July 16
  • Aug. 1 & 20
  • Sept. 5 & 17
  • Oct. 3 & 15
  • Nov. 7 & 19
  • Dec. 5 & 17

How do I reset my portal password?

Forms relevant to AS requests:
Company Compliance Agreement
Company Authorized Signatory Letter

Background/Clearance Information

Required Background Checks

With limited exceptions, all applicants and badge holders must successfully pass and maintain an active Security Threat Assessment (STA) and Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) to be and stay badged. Once a notification has been received that a new applicant’s clearances have Passed they must be badged within 30 days or their clearances will expire and a new application will be required.

Adjudication Process

  • Fingerprints are submitted to TSA.
  • CHRC results, if any, are reviewed for any potentially disqualifying crimes:
    • Any Charge(s) that has not been clarified will require court documentation to assure that it has been resolved.
    • Court documentation is also required in on-going cases to confirm court dates relevant to any charge(s) in question.
    • If the applicant does not provide any required information within the required time frame their application will be rejected and a new application will be required.
  • Once the results and any amplifying information are adjudicated the applicant will either Pass or be Denied.
    • If Denied/Rejected, the Authorized Signer and the applicant will be notified. The applicant will need to take corrective action if he/she would like to appeal this decision.
    • If Passed, this information will be noted on the Authorized Signer’s Web Portal along with an email notification sent to the Authorized Signer.

Adjudication Timeline

  • Results typically clear in less than two weeks. Delays can occur when:
  • Erroneous biographical info submitted.
  • Alias or previous names not included/documented. Incomplete alias or previous name, i.e. last name only.
  • Erroneous nationality/citizenship info/IDs submitted.
  • Adverse results will ONLY be discussed with the applicant.
  • The employer will be notified of a denial via email. No additional information will be shared as to the reason.
  • Results are only utilized to determine eligibility to be badged at CLT.

NOTE: *If you haven’t received results after two weeks, email to initiate an inquiry.

*An application/badge will be immediately suspended upon notification of a disqualifying or potentially disqualifying offense until clarification court documentation is presented by the applicant to Credentialing.

Adverse Results

If an applicant is denied or fails to pass a background check, requires further adjudication, it is very important for them to respond with the requested information in the timeframe specified.
Communication on these matters is typically going to be directly between the applicant and TSA and/or the applicant and Credentialing for regulatory/privacy requirements.

NOTE: *In cases associated with a denial/rejection, the applicant or badge holder cannot work, be under escort, nor be placed on the Visitor’s List until their case has been resolved.

Corrective Action by Applicant
An applicant has 30 days from the receipt of the Disqualification letter to notify the Airport in writing of the intention to correct or provide case disposition information to assist the Airport in making a final decision. An applicant must provide a revised/corrected FBI Criminal Investigation Record or a certified true copy of the disposition information from the appropriate municipal or government court within 30 days of receipt of the disqualification.

For questions, email

Credentialing and Related Fees
Credentialing and Related Fees Aug 2023
CLT Employee Parking

This information is intended for employers, employees and volunteers working at CLT Airport. CLT Customers can find up-to-date parking information by visiting our parking options page.
Employee parking approval and access is managed through individual employers. Employers will be charged a monthly fee depending on parking access level (See Credentialing related Fees page) for all active parking access cards (PAC) as determined on the first business day of every month, monthly fees will not be prorated.

There are two levels of employee parking;

• Standard Employee Parking: Employee Surface Lots
• Manager Employee Parking: Express Deck Self-Park

Employees will need to see their employers for parking access, as there are a limited number of employee parking spaces available to each employer.

Employers receive a set number of PACs and Parking Placards to distribute to their employees. The number of PACs provided to each employer is based on the number of PACs requested, total number of employees and historical usage. Employer requests for additional or replacement access cards and placards can be sent to for consideration. Fees will be charged for replacement of unreturned, lost or damaged PACs and/or Placards (See Credentialing related Fees page).

Employers will be audited once per year to ensure appropriate accountability of the PACs and Placards.

Employee Parking Inquiries (

• Requesting additional or replacement Parking Access Cards and Placards
• Deactivating Parking Access Cards and Placards
• Requesting Company or Organizational employee parking access changes

Parking Modernization Project (2020)


July – November 2020 Employer Transition to Parking Access Cards (PACs)

Employee Parking at CLT Airport will transition to a new system that will require each employee to have a separate Employee PAC and Placard. Employee parking access will no longer be available from employee SIDA badges. The use of a parking placard will still be required.

The process: As of October 15, 2020

• All employers should have been contacted to establish the number of PACs and placards to be distributed.

• CLT has created and distributed most of the PACS and placards to the employers. CLT will coordinate the distribution to the remaining PACs and Placards to the remaining employers.

• Shortly after receiving the PACs and Placards, CLT parking will reach out to each employer's POC to register their employees to the new parking system.

• The employer will have 30-days to distribute the employee PACs and placards to their employees. After 30-days, Employee Parking Access will be removed from each of the employees' SIDA Badges. An extension may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

• After each employee is registered in the new system by CLT Parking, the employer will be billed monthly based on the total number of Employees registered in the new parking system or the by number of PACs/Placards issued.

Replacing or requesting additional PACs and placards, including replacing Lost PACs, should be sent to for consideration.

Note - Additional PACs: due to the limited number of available employee parking spaces, each request for additional parking access will be considered case-by-case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine whether an individual has cleared their background checks?
Clearance information can be found under the “Background Checks” page on the Authorized Signer portal. Clearance emails will also be sent to the Authorized Signer indicating the applicant has cleared.

How long does the badging process typically take?
The process takes up to two weeks. However, it can be delayed due to various reasons which can be researched with TSA. If it is taking longer than two weeks, the Authorized Signer should email

What do I need to bring to get fingerprinted?
To be fingerprinted, you will need for a CHRC-STA application completed online by the Authorized Signer. An email containing a disqualifying crimes attestation link must be completed before you can be seen for your appointment. It is required to bring originals of the two IDs used on the application to the appointment.

What are acceptable IDs for a U.S. citizen born in the United States?
Acceptable forms of identification for an American citizen born in the U.S. include a U.S. passport, driver’s license, non-laminated Social Security card and birth certificate.

What if I was born outside of the United States, but am a U.S. citizen?
Two forms of identification must be submitted including one of the following:

• U.S. passport,
• Naturalization certificate, or
• Form DS-1350, FS-240; FS545

What if I am a permanent resident or work with an employment permit?
Two forms of identification must be submitted including either the U.S. Permanent Resident Card, an Employment Authorization card, or an I-94 card.

How much do the badges cost and how will I be billed?
The cost for badging is listed in the Credentialing and Related Fees section. Your company will be invoiced by CLT’s Aviation Department Finance division.

What happens if I lose or forget to wear my badge?
You will not be able to work at CLT without a badge. The costs to replace lost badges are listed in the Credentialing and Related Fees section. There is a 24-hour waiting period before a new badge will be issued. Please see your company’s Authorized Signer for a Badge Reactivation/Replacement Form. No badges will be reissued after third lost badge.

What happens if I fail a test?

  • You will have three attempts to take the test.
  • No appointments necessary for re-testing. The Credentialing team will confirm days and times with you.
  • After the third failed test, you will need to contact your Authorized Signer.
  • There is a 30 day time frame to start the process over from the beginning.

How do I reschedule my appointment?
The only way to cancel an appointment is from the link provided in your confirmation email. Contact your Authorized Signer for your company.

What should I do if my badge is not working?
First look over the badge to ensure everything is correct (expiration date). Next, ensure you are entering the right PIN number. If the badge is still not working, email or call 704.359.4010 option 5. If after hours, please call Operations at 704.359.4012.

Locksmith and Key Information

The issuance of mechanical and TSA accountable keys as access media must be necessitated by operational need and as such approved by the Locksmith/Security Operations division.

Requesting Keys:

  • To request keys for your company, you must be a valid Authorized Signer.
  • Accountable keys can only be requested for employees who hold an active badge.
  • Complete the Key Request Form with original signature.
  • Forms can be submitted to the Locksmiths via the Credentialing Office.
  • Once the key(s) are prepared, the Locksmith will notify the Authorized Signer via email when the keys are ready for pick-up and they will be available at the Credentialing Front Desk.

Key Accountability:

  • Records of keys issued to employees must be maintained. Detailed and secured key logs are required for auditing purposes and must be made available upon request.
  • TSA Accountable keys will be audited at least once every 12 months by the Locksmith/Security and Operations. All keys issued to a company must be confirmed and accounted for upon request.
  • Any discrepancies noted will require a re-keying of affected locks and access points at the company’s expense.
  • Keys cannot be loaned or shared with other employees. Any incidents of sharing or loaning of keys will result in a security citation and, likely immediate and permanent revocation of the SIDA badges of all employees involved.


Locksmith contact information:

Chris Picerno, Winford Hayes, Robert Brooks and Darryl Campagna
Lock shop phone: 704.359.4034

New Company Onboarding/Company Name Changes/Sponsorship Letter

New Company Onboarding at CLT

  • Contractual agreement with CLT must be in place and a billing agreement number obtained from your company’s CLT contact. The number is generated by CLT’s Business & Revenue Department. The Credentialing process cannot be initiated until this number is provided.
  • A CLT contact will confirm and communicate eligibility information to Credentialing. Next steps will be communicated to the company by Credentialing.
  • Company submits “New Company Onboarding Form” (found on the Credentialing website under “More Information”).
  • The CLT contact serves as the initial Authorized Signer for the new company until a company Authorized Signer is designated.
  • The designated Authorized Signer for the new company will be required to attend the AS Training course and complete the badging process prior to assuming AS duties for that company.
  • A “Compliance Agreement” and an “Authorized Signer” letter must be submitted to Credentialing (letter templates are located on the website under “Authorized Signatory Information”).

Established Company at CLT Adding a New Contractor/Vendor

  • Established company Authorized Signer completes and submits “New Company Onboarding Form” to Credentialing.
  • Once processed, the Authorized Signer will receive notification and access to the new company via the portal.
  • All badges for the contractor/vendor must be under their own company’s name, not the established company name.
  • Allow three to four business days for requests to be processed.

Complete the New Company Onboarding/Change Form for company/organizational-wide access changes, new organization onboarding, change organizational information.

Sponsorship Letter

  • Any construction-related company performing work at CLT and contracted by another company must have this letter on file.
  • Directions on how to use the form can be found on the document’s last page. There are two sections to be completed depending on whether your company will be badged through the sponsoring company or handling your own badging.

Sponsorship Letter

Policies and Procedures

CLT AOA Standards Program
CLT Security Standards
Aviation Worker Inspection Program FAQ

Please note: In accordance with federal requirements, CLT conducts fingerprint-based criminal history records checks (CHRC) and security threat assessments (STA). The CLT Airport Security Coordinator only uses these records to determine whether to issue an airport identification badge.

Criminal history records are confidential and ensure that individuals with access to secure areas do not have disqualifying criminal offenses. CLT cannot supply or share information generated through these background checks with prospective employers.

Relying solely on an individual candidate’s ability to properly secure a badge, will not eliminate individuals who may have been convicted of some crimes.

For example: If a company’s policy requires that candidates have no convictions of financial crimes, including misdemeanors, said company will need to perform a separate background check in addition to the one conducted by CLT because a misdemeanor larceny conviction will not prevent an individual from receiving a badge. Even multiple convictions of that type will not disqualify an individual from receiving a badge.

CHRC and STA evaluations are based on 36 disqualifying convictions specified in TSR 1542.

Questions should be directed to Airport Badging at 704.359.4903.