Community Engagement

Airport Neighborhood Committee

Mission Statement

To facilitate an open forum where residents, businesses, and partners can increase their awareness and raise concerns through ongoing engagement with the City of Charlotte and its Aviation Department. The committee’s focus is Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s practices, development, and expansion as well as other topics also important to sustaining quality of life for neighbors in areas around the Airport.


The Airport Neighborhood Committee (ANC) is comprised of up to 25 representatives with an interest in Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s business and property.

Developed to inject focused community input into airport-related discussions with an emphasis on collaboration and positive problem-solving, the ANC balances information sharing on behalf of the City of Charlotte Aviation Department with the feedback and concerns of its neighbors based on lived experiences.

The ANC is an ongoing, inclusive, and collaborative forum that helps the Airport’s business and residential neighbors, and Department leaders learn from each other, share critical issues, and build trust and transparency.

Participants share what they learn with other Airport neighbors, while Aviation Department staff directs any issues or concerns raised to the appropriate CLT leadership team members.


All interested in ANC membership, must complete an application as well as:

  • Commit to attending/participating in the meetings in-person or virtually.
    • Members who do not regular attend meetings may be required to forfeit their seat.
  • Communicate intentions, plans and methods of sharing information with their community (e.g., social media, newsletters, neighborhood meetings, etc.).
  • Disclose any conflict of interests in representing his/her designated area is also required.
    • Possible conflict of interests could include an individual serving as an elective official, working for the Airport or a tenant of the Airport, an individual having a directing financial interest in the Airport or a tenant of the Airport, or an individual having a legal claim against the Airport or a tenant of the Airport. Although elected officials cannot hold a seat on the ANC – elected officials can attend bi-monthly meetings.

The ANC members may serve consecutive multiple terms but are required to update the Department of any changes to their residence, as the Department aims for ANC to have representation from neighborhoods surrounding the Airport.

Staff will recruit participants from neighborhoods surrounding the Airport but will not exclude anyone with interest unless the committee exceeds capacity.

Bi-monthly Meetings

The ANC meets bi-monthly from 6 –7:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. The bi-monthly meetings, hosted by the Aviation Department’s Commercial & Community Engagement team, are an opportunity for the Aviation Department to transparently provide residents, businesses, and partners information on the Airport’s current and future plans and to receive feedback on how those plans may impact those living nearby. Members are encouraged to suggest meeting topics.

The Aviation Department will publish all meeting dates according to North Carolina open meeting laws, will post meeting notices on the City of Charlotte events calendar and inform City Council members, who are welcome to attend ANC meetings. The ANC will make all meetings open to the public.

The ANC members and guests will have the option to participate in meetings onsite at the CLT Center, 5601 Wilkinson Blvd. in Charlotte and a virtual option will be provided as appropriate.

Staff Support

For more information, contact the Community Engagement team by email at

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), a City of Charlotte department, does not discriminate on the basis of disability. We will provide auxiliary aids and services, written materials in alternative formats, and reasonable modifications in policies and procedures to persons with disabilities upon request. To make a request, please contact