Community Engagement

Airport Neighborhood Committee

Mission statement and Guidelines are available for review.

Mission Statement:

To facilitate ongoing engagement between the City of Charlotte including the Aviation Department and residents in the neighborhoods around Charlotte Douglas International Airport.


The Aviation Department is convening a group of neighboring community leaders to be called the Airport Neighborhood Committee (ANC). The role of the ANC is to transparently provide residents information on the Airport's current and future plans for the area and to receive feedback on how those plans may affect those living nearby. The ANC will be an ongoing, inclusive, and collaborative forum that helps both neighbors and Department leaders learn from each other, share critical issues, and build trust and transparency.

The Department's intent in creating the ANC is to inject focused community input into airport-related discussions, with an emphasis on collaboration and positive problem-solving. Meetings will balance information sharing on behalf of the Department with the feedback and concerns of the neighbors based on lived experiences. Building on community engagement groups previously established, including the Neighborhood Task Force and Community Advisory Group, the ANC will continue on-going conversations to identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of living in close proximity to the Airport.

The Department will inform City Council members of the meetings and welcomes them to attend ANC meetings.

The focus of the ANC is separate and apart from the focus of the Airport Community Roundtable, which is tasked with identifying technical recommendations to address community impacts from aircraft noise.

ANC membership is comprised of up to 25 representatives whose primary residence is within five miles of the Airport.