25 Faces of CLT

Markus Gary

Marcus Gary

Name: Markus Gary
Employer: City of Charlotte

What is your job title?

How long have you worked at CLT?
Two years

What originally attracted you to working at CLT?
My wife (who works as a CLT shuttle bus driver) was always coming home saying how much she loves her job and had great experiences on a daily basis, which sparked my interest in being a part of CLT.

Describe your typical workday?
Steady pace, keeping safety first.

What do you like most about working at CLT?
My job and co-workers. Great group of people.

What daily attitude/saying/motto do you bring to your job?
Do the best to my ability and have a grateful heart.

Do you have any fun memories or moments/stories from your time at CLT that you would like to share?
The Airport’s shuttle bus drivers award celebration that is held each year by Landside Operations, I really enjoyed it. I had a ball with the people of CLT. Fun and laughter.

What keeps you at CLT?
Advancement to different areas within the City of Charlotte.

What makes the city of Charlotte a special place to live/work?
Compassion, humbleness, caring people and kindness.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten from someone since starting work at CLT?
It’s not about how fast you do your job, but the quality of work you put in it.

If you could hop on a plane and fly anywhere, where would you fly and why?
Cancun, Mexico, Jamaica or the Virgin Islands. My wife and I have always talked about how we’d love to go to any of these places.