Airport Parking

Parking Tips & FAQs

Parking Tips
  • Be prepared. Allow extra time to park, especially on peak travel days. Sundays and days preceding and following holidays are exceptionally busy. Peak travel days/times also include Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings and Monday, Tuesday and Saturday mornings.
  • Remember where you’ve parked by taking a photo of the sign identifying the level and row nearest your vehicle in a parking deck or near the shuttle bus shelter in a parking lot. You may also write this information on your parking ticket and take it with you.

Frequently Asked Online Booking Questions

How far in advance am I required to book my parking?

Same-day booking is limited for all products, with a minimum of 3 hours in advance with the exception of Daily Decks, Express Deck Self-Park and Long Term Lot 1.

Why are some parking facilities not available to book on certain dates?

CLT has a limited number of spaces available to book online, with certain products that are only available online during certain times of the week. Just because the product is not available to book online does not mean the product is not available for drive-up purchase. Please check Parking Availability prior to arriving at the Airport to view drive-up product availability.

Is there a grace period for entry and exit?

Yes, you have a 2-hour grace period prior to your scheduled entry time and a 2-hour grace period following your scheduled exit time.

How do I retrieve my booking confirmation? How do I keep my Pass from disappearing in Apple Wallet?

A booking confirmation email should be sent to your email address following completion of the booking. If you are unable to locate the email, visit the Parking page on the CLT Airport website or CLT Airport app and sign in to your account to resend the booking to the email. If you do not have an account, please request a copy of the confirmation email via the Airport website or by phone at 704-359-4038.

For Apple Wallet users, follow these steps to prevent your Apple Pass from disappearing after your booking entry date:
Select "Settings" then "Wallet & Apple Pay" and locate the "Hide Expired Passes" toggle button. Disable this setting to view your expired passes with current passes.

How do I edit/manage my booking?

You may modify or cancel bookings before the start of your reservation by logging into your account on the Parking page on the CLT Airport website or app, or by clicking on the “Modify booking as Guest” link. You will need to know your booking reference number and email address in order to modify or cancel your booking. Modifications are subject to current pricing based on availability.

How long does it take for a refund to appear in my account after I modify or cancel my booking?

Refunds take 5-7 business days to reflect on your account.

What happens if I arrive late from my trip?

You are still allowed entry and/or exit up to your booked exit date and time. If you are going to be exceeding your reservation period, you will still be able to utilize your reservation. An overstay fee equal to the drive-up rate for your overstay period will be added to your total. When you scan your QR code at the exit your overstay fee will be automatically calculated.

What are the password requirements for an account?

The password requirements are as follows:

• A minimum of 8 characters

• At least 1 special character

• At least 1 upper-case letter

• At least 1 lower-case letter

• At least 1 number

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

Where should I park when dropping off or picking up passengers?

Passengers may be picked up and dropped off curbside. However, curbside vehicles cannot dwell or be left unattended. The curbside should only be used for immediate loading and unloading.

Otherwise, visitors picking up or dropping off passengers are encouraged to use the free Cell Phone Lot or the Hourly Deck. Learn more information about picking up and dropping off passengers.

What are the parking rates and how may I pay for parking?

Parking rates are stated for each parking product on the individual product pages. There is a 15-minute grace period upon entry for all parking products. Prorated periods of parking are only applicable to the first day of stay in all parking products. All products begin charging maximum daily rates after each 24-hour period ends.

Parking may be paid for using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or through online booking.

What do I do if I don’t have enough money to pay my CLT parking fee?

In accordance with the Airport’s Insufficient Funds Policy, you will be directed to re-park your vehicle in an available space in the lot/garage and CLT will maintain possession of the vehicle while you are permitted to leave or contact someone in order to obtain funds for the parking fee. CLT will not continue to increase the parking fee once it has been determined that you have insufficient funds.

If you have not paid the parking fee after 48 hours, CLT will begin charging the published rate for the length of time the vehicle has been parked.

If the vehicle is not paid for within 30 days of the notice of insufficient funds, the vehicle will be deemed abandoned and the City of Charlotte Code Enforcement Division will be contacted to coordinate impoundment.

Where is handicapped parking located?

Handicap parking is available in all parking facilities, and accessible shuttles run continuously. If assistance is needed, please call 704-359-4038.

How long may I leave my car in a CLT parking facility? May I leave my car in the Daily Deck for longer than a day?

Vehicles may be parked in any CLT parking facility for up to 30 days without notifying parking staff. If you must leave a vehicle in a parking facility for more than 30 days, please contact CLT Parking at 704-359-4038.

Is there any way of knowing which parking facilities will be open when I arrive at the Airport? May I make reservations for parking?

Visit Parking Availability for details on parking conditions, rates and directions to specific parking facilities. You may also call 704-359-4038 for the latest parking information.

Airport Parking signs on the roadways also provide timely parking facility status updates. Facilities are deemed full when there are not enough available spaces to properly service vehicles. Follow the signs to proceed to an open facility.

Even during the busiest of days, parking will be available for travelers who book online ahead of time. Choose your entry and exit dates and complete your booking in a few easy steps. Official CLT Airport parking may be booked on the CLT Airport website or on the app to guarantee availability of your preferred parking option. Each parking facility at CLT includes spaces for drive-up customers (first come, first served) and spaces for customers who book their parking online ahead of time. When the status of a parking facility is shown as “Booked” or “Reservation Only” it means all drive-up spaces in that facility are currently full, but customers who booked their parking online will still be able to gain access.

What should I do if I've misplaced my parking ticket?

Please drive to the toll plaza and push the "Help" button for assistance.

Is there a number to call to reach parking staff or if I need assistance in a CLT Parking facility?

Yes, you may call 704-359-4038 or push the “INFO” button located on the blue call boxes that are positioned in every lot and deck.

What time do parking facilities open and close?

CLT parking facilities are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What type of covered parking is provided?

Covered parking options at CLT include Valet, the Hourly Deck, the Daily Decks and the Express Decks.

If I have a motorcycle or camper, trailer or any other large vehicle, where may I park?

Please call 704-359-4038 to make parking arrangements.

How do I appeal and/or pay a parking citation?

Refer to Parking Citations for more information about citations.

Frequently Asked Shuttle Bus Questions

What times do shuttle buses start running?

Shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shuttle bus transportation is a free service between parking facilities and the terminal. Shuttle buses run every 10 – 15 minutes depending on traffic conditions. To ensure a shuttle bus is available to transport you to your vehicle after 11 p.m., please call 704-359-4038.

Where do I catch a shuttle bus when parking at CLT?

Travelers may catch a shuttle at one of several parking shelters located in Long Term Lots 1 and 2. Shuttle service is also available at the shelter between the Daily Decks and from Express Deck Preferred.

Where do I board shuttle buses when exiting the terminal?

All shuttle buses are located outside the terminal’s Arrivals/Baggage Claim level on the inner lanes.

What should I do if I have several passengers and lots of luggage?

If you have several people in your party, we recommend that first you drop off your luggage and passengers at the terminal’s upper level curbside (Departures/Ticketing), then proceed to a parking facility to park your vehicle.

Who do I contact to locate an item left behind on a shuttle bus or in a parking lot?

Refer to Lost and Found for more information regarding lost items.