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Carolina Moon


Carolina Moon

Artist: Scott Parsons

Location: West Tunnel (Valet Parking)

Scott Parsons created a series of terrazzo sculptures that are reflexive of ‘visual songs’, musical maps for the heart. These designs extend a warm, welcoming gesture to each visitor to Charlotte and North Carolina through a rich visual tapestry which interweaves themes of music, flight, regional flora & fauna, and a sense of joy, wonder, and whimsy. Inspired by the song standard “Carolina Moon”. Here the lyrics play out in two areas, within the sail of a boat and a fractal form suggestive of a propeller. Other fractal forms include the petals of pinecones and flowers. The composition is set at night. A large red moon radiates from the center. A Luna moth and a yellow newt give this scene a more dream-like feel. The hands of an analog clock tracking the lunar cycle are a playful reminder for the viewer of time past and suggest one’s movements are connected to something much larger than the rush you might feel at this moment to make your next flight. The rhythmic flow of forms, from one into another, is meant to reference any of the 23 river basins in North Carolina.

Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.