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Meridian East


Artist: Danielle Roney

Location: Terminal Lobby, Level 2 near Doors 1 & 4

Meridian East and West welcomes each of Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s travelers to this visionary destination, supporting reflections on the personal and collective ways we navigate the world.

The sculpture’s form traverses a layered ‘DNA’ of orbital spatial relationships, from the airport flight patterns globally to the arching pathways of the interior and exterior architectures. The cycle of departure and return is featured in the spiraling motion, further accentuated by the dynamic movement of the integrated lighting. Bi-colored stainless steel sphere surfaces feature an internal canopy that extends the historical Queen Charlotte’s golden yellow skylight found within the architectural interior.

The artist engaged the Charlotte community in the tracing of personal geographic histories through an online survey and vocal database recordings. Geo-Data coordinates based upon community members’ unique contributions have been spatially mapped within the sculpture’s LED integrated lighting, articulating movements across the sculptures. Commissioned by the Arts & Science Council and the Public Art Commission in partnership with the City of Charlotte.