Terms & Conditions

Through May 21, 2023, automatically receive an entry in the Get Swept Away Sweepstakes by opting-in to receive email communication and booking an Airport parking reservation as stated in the Sweepstakes Official Rules.

1. Introduction

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions that apply to those individuals making a reservation for parking and/or other amenities through Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s (“CLT”) online booking system to park in one of CLT’s owned/operated facilities. When booking a reservation or entering a CLT parking facility, you are acknowledging and accepting these Term and Conditions, referred to hereafter as “Terms & Conditions,” and you accept that a contract is formed between us on these Terms and Conditions.

2. Contact CLT

Any comments or questions relating to the online booking system or CLT should be made via the CLT website to https://feedback.cltcityworks.com/cltapp or via phone, 704-359-4038. If you have an issue while trying to use your reservation at the device, please use the intercom by pressing the HELP button located on the bottom right hand of the device or call the parking operator at (704)-359-4038.

3. Changes to Terms & Conditions

CLT reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. When Terms & Conditions are amended, they will be displayed on our website. Please ensure that you check the Terms & Conditions posted at https://www.cltairport.com/terms-conditions/ at the time of booking and prior to entering CLT facilities.

4. General

In order to utilize CLT parking facilities, you must either: a) Collect and retain the parking ticket issued upon entry to the CLT facility; or b) Present a Quick Response (QR) code generated by CLT’s Parking reservation system., ensure that the same QR code is made available at the time your vehicle exits the CLT facility; or c) Using a Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) credential, ensure that the same AVI is used to exit the CLT facility. d) Regardless of what access medium you use to access the CLT facility, you must pay the applicable fee for your use of the CLT facility prior to or at the time of exit.

While utilizing CLT facilities, no bailment is created. THE CITY OF CHARLTOTE ASSUMES NO RISK. You retain sole control and possession of the vehicle. For each paid entry you may park one vehicle in one marked space for no more than thirty (30) days. You assume all risk for any damage to the vehicle or the contents thereof. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed as provided in the CLT City code of ordinances.

5. Online Booking System

The City provides an online booking system by which you may book a parking space at any of our owned/operated CLT facilities (a “Booking”). The City does not guarantee that the online booking system will be available at all times for every parking product, nor does it guarantee a specific parking space. When you have submitted a request using the online booking form on CLT’s website, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking and a receipt of payment. Your Booking is not complete until the booking confirmation is received. The City reserves the right to limit the number of Bookings per person and per CLT facility or the number of CLT spaces available for booking via the online booking system.

6. No Resale of Online Booking

The resale or market of any CLT Booking, whether on its own or bundled with other products or services, is prohibited without the City’s express written consent. Resale will result in the cancellation of the online Booking without refund.

7. Online Booking Purchase Price and Payment

The purchase price quoted by the online booking system is fixed only when you complete your Booking. Until your Booking is completed, quoted prices may vary depending on time of Booking and availability. The purchase price quoted by the online booking system does not include any overstays (days stayed in excess of the days purchased online in advance). For overstays, you will be charged at CLT’s current posted parking rates. When you provide your credit card details to complete your online Booking, you are authorizing the City to charge your credit card in the amount of the quoted purchase price. The City may, from time to time, offer discounted or promotional rates for use in its CLT facilities. These discounts or promotions may be subject to additional limitations, terms and conditions as advised at the time of Booking. All such discounts and promotions are subject to limited availability depending on availability and demand of CLT parking spaces, and the City reserves the right to add or remove CLT parking spaces to or from the promotion, or to vary, amend or cancel promotional rates at any time. Not all discounts or promotions will be available via the online booking system. Conversely, some promotions may be exclusive to the online booking system.

8. Online Booking Period & Facilities

All parking products require advance booking, Same-day booking is limited for all products. In the event of an airline flight cancellation or delay at the beginning of your Booking period that affects your day of departure, you may utilize the modify your booking feature to edit/cancel your booking free of charge any time prior to your booking arrival time. Please note, that when adjusting your reservation for different dates and times, you will be subject to the product availability and rates at that given time. CLT is unable to guarantee your same product will be available. If you are unable to adjust to a product of your liking, you can cancel the reservation prior to the start of your reservation period. If your vehicle is parked in a CLT facility for any time outside the Booking period (e.g. if you arrive early or leave late) you will be charged for the time outside of the Booking period at CLT’s current posted parking rates. These rates may vary from the rates quoted by the online booking system.

9. Arrival and Exit at the Facility with an Online Booking

The City does not issue its standard ticket at the parking entry gate if you are entering with an online Booking. You will provide your License Plate information and receive a Quick Response (QR) code at the time of the online Booking to use at the parking entry gate. When you arrive at the appropriate CLT facility, your license plate will be scanned, and the barrier will lift automatically. If for any reason the barrier does not lift, place the QR code at the top of the confirmation email in front of the QR scanner at the barriers to gain entry. When exiting the CLT facility, you will repeat the steps used upon entry. Do not pull a ticket at entry, If you pull a ticket, you may be subject to the Drive-up parking rates.

10. Online Booking and Capacity

In the unlikely event that the CLT facility you have booked has exceeded its capacity and we cannot locate a space in that facility, the City will locate an alternative parking space for you. If an alternative parking space cannot be provided for you, the City will issue a full refund of your online Booking charges.

11. Online Booking Cancellations, Changes and Refund

The ability to make cancellations, changes, and to receive a refund may vary depending on the type of Booking. Cancellations and amendments may be made to your Booking by clicking “Modify My Booking” and selecting the relevant option/s. You may cancel your Booking any time before the beginning of the Booking period via “Modify My Booking”. Please note that no refunds will be issued for cancelations/no show reservations made after your scheduled arrival time. If you return prior to your scheduled period, you will be issued a refund for the unused time. However, CLT will use the “drive-up rate” and not the Online Booking Rate of the CLT parking facility you are in to calculate your new parking fee prior to issuing the refund. You will not receive a refund if your original booking was less than the drive-up rate. There will be no refunds for changes made less than 24 hours prior to your return. When changing a Booking and the purchase price for the new requested Booking period or product exceeds the purchase price for the original Booking, you will be required to pay the difference between these amounts. When the purchase price for the new requested Booking period or product is less than the purchase price for the original Booking, you will be refunded the difference between these amounts. From time to time, CLT may offer special promotional parking rates. These rates are based on a specific set of arrival and departure times. Bookings at these rates can be cancelled as described above but cannot be changed. If cancelled, you can make a new reservation at the CLT rates then currently available.

12. Privacy

To process an online Booking, the City will collect and store your information including your name, address, phone number, email, and license plate number. Such information will be collected and retained for the purposes of completing your online Booking and may also be used for promotional, marketing, publicity, and research purposes (including updates, research, newsletters and promotional offers). The use of the CLT Online Booking System indicates your consent to receive such materials; however, you will have the option to opt out of receiving the above-referenced updates, research, newsletters and/or promotional offers.

The City will neither store nor have access to any credit card information at any time; such information is securely conveyed to the City’s payment service provider (PSP) for payment purposes only.

The City is subject to the public records requirements of the North Carolina Statutes and may be required to release any other information it holds about you upon request unless there is a statutory exception that allows the City to refuse to release that information. The City takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal information that the City has under its control. A link to the City’s privacy statement may be found at https://www.cltairport.com/privacy-and-legal-notices.

13. Large/Heavy Vehicles

CLT parking utilizes standard size parking spaces. Parking garages have varied clearance heights. CLT parking is unable to accommodate oversized or high-profile vehicles. You enter each CLT facility at your own risk.

14. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify the City against any claim, loss or damage the City may suffer associated with your use of CLT online Booking or any CLT facility, arising out of your negligence, intentional act or failure to act, or your breach of these Terms & Conditions. This indemnification includes any costs of defense, expenses, fees, penalties, and charges, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees.

15. Limitation of Liability

In addition to any limitations or exclusions within the City’s Terms & Conditions of entry to any CLT facility and otherwise to the extent permitted by law, the City’s total liability to you will be limited to a refund of the purchase price of the CLT Booking. The City will not be liable for any injury, damage to your property, or any special, indirect, or consequential loss, whether or not the City could have foreseen such loss.

16. Safety and Security

By utilizing the online booking system and accessing CLT Facilities you agree that you shall: (a) Comply with all laws and all other requirements relating to safety and security; (b) Comply with all parking signs, no parking zones and directions issued to you by CLT or the City; (c) Drive carefully and responsibly in all CLT facilities; (d) Not cause any obstructions, including parking across or occupying more than one parking space; (e) Not park in a designated handicap parking space without displaying a current handicap license plate or permit; (f) Obey all directional and safety signs; and (g) Park only in designated public parking spaces and not park in any area which is not designated as public parking.

The City may issue citations for violation for the City’s ordinances or other applicable laws, rules, regulations for any parked vehicles within the CLT facilities.