Aviation Worker Inspection Program FAQ

Q: Why are the inspections being conducted?
A: The Transportation Security Administration issued a national amendment requiring enhanced inspections at all major commercial airports nationwide.

Q: What should I expect?
A: Security personnel will use handheld metal detectors to screen people and stadium-style inspections of all personal items. You should expect to be selected for inspection.

Q: Will I have to take things out of my pockets?
A: Yes, just like what is required at the TSA passenger screening checkpoints when you are traveling.

Q: What if I have a medical exemption or other concern about being inspected?
A: Persons with medical exemptions or other concerns should advise the security personnel. You will be escorted to the TSA employee screening checkpoint where they will follow the "TSA Cares" protocols: Disabilities and Medical Conditions | Transportation Security Administration.

Q: What items are prohibited?
A: If you can't take it through a TSA security screening checkpoint to board a flight, then you can't bring it with you unless it is your lunch, or a tool required for your job. Refer to What Can I Bring? All | Transportation Security Administration to check specific items.

Q: What do I have to do if I need a prohibited item for my job?
A: If you need a prohibited item for your job, you must always have an inventory available detailing the items. You can't leave those items unattended while in the security areas. Refer to the CLT Security Standards for more information.

Q: What will happen if I refuse to be inspected?
A: After you swipe your badge to enter a secure area, you have agreed to be inspected. If you refuse to be inspected or fail to comply with the inspection process, you can lose your SIDA badge permanently, be fined by the TSA and/or subject to other actions taken by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Q: Will this make me late for work or my meeting?
A: The method used should not cause a back-up or line at the security doors. You should plan for a few extra minutes if you are selected for inspection.

Q: What should I do to prepare?
A: Check your pockets, bags, jacket pockets, etc. for prohibited items before you come to the airport. Minimizing what you bring with you and planning will help reduce the time it takes to be inspected.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Review the CLT Security Standards and Clear Bag policy under Policies and Procedures on the Credentialing page on the Airport website.

Q: Where are these inspections being conducted?
A: The inspections will be conducted at security access doors in the terminal.

Q: What if I have an authorized escort and am selected for inspection?
A: You are responsible for people you escort into security areas. People you escort are subject to inspection, and you are responsible for making sure they comply with the CLT Security Standards, AOA Standards, Clear Bag policy and all other policies, rules and regulations.